Creating a sustainable legacy for your school

Our 360 Mentoring Programme is a tailored and personalised 1-1 programme, providing teachers with the skill set and confidence to deliver high quality PE lessons. Teachers will have support from their own qualified and experienced ActiveMe 360 mentor who will focus on each teachers individual needs to build a programme that works for them.

The 360 Mentoring programme will improve teachers understanding, subject knowledge, confidence and enjoyment of PE. With the Primary PE and School Sport Premium funding confirmed for 2021/22, the programme meets the criteria of the funding and is a great way to demonstrate effective spending of the premium. 

Our mentoring programme will help teachers develop;

  • Confidence in the progression & breakdown of skills within PE.
  • Ability to differentiate techniques in a PE lesson.
  • Understand how to set-up and use equipment effectively.
  • Activity/topic specific knowledge & support, i.e. gymnastics.
  • Health & Safety skills in PE.
  • Effective use of assessment in PE.
  • Physical, mental & social wellbeing of their students.

How is our mentoring programme different from others?

  • We provide a highly qualified mentor that meets the national standard in PE and school sport and has extensive experience of delivering PE and working in a school.
  • Personalised and ongoing support outside of direct in school mentoring.
  • A holistic approach focusing on every aspect of PE and school sport, from strategy, planning and implementation to assessment.
  • Each teacher will have their own mentoring folder to log their journey.
  • The programme links to the School Improvement Plan (SIP) & long term strategy for PE to ensure a school centred approach.
  • The programme is goal oriented, with clear outcomes & expected success criteria to measure progress.
  • A positive approach based on a SOAR framework (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results).
  • A clear mentoring journey with every stage mapped from the beginning.
  • Impact data for the school upon the programmes conclusion

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