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At ActiveMe 360, we deliver sport coaching and affordable active childcare across Hampshire and the South Coast. We’re also a ‘Community Interest Company’ (CIC), which is more commonly known as a Social Enterprise.

Our mission is simple – to change lives by improving health and wellbeing using the power of physical activity, sport and education – where there are no barriers to any individual, group or organisation in achieving this goal. One Person, One Family, One Community at a time.

We passionately believe that leading an active and healthy lifestyle can support and improve everyone’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. Our team of dedicated sports coaches have made it their mission to inspire everyone we engage with, from students to teachers, through high quality, accessible and affordable Active programmes.

As a proud Social Enterprise we also do things differently. We ensure 65% of profits we make are reinvested back into local communities to encourage positive social change for your children and your family. Meaning when you choose us, your community benefits.

Why is Michael Sheen holding a spanner and what are social enterprises? Chris Addison explains all...

Certified Living Wage Employer

We are also a proud, certified ‘Real Living Wage’ employer.

In keeping with our aims as a social enterprise, it has always been our ambition to not only invest in and care for our communities, but also the people who make ActiveMe 360 what it is.

Becoming a real living wage employer means that we have committed  to ensuring everyone over the age of 18 who works for ActiveMe 360 receives at least the real living wage, calculated and based on what people need to live, taking into account multiple factors that the Government calculation doesn’t.

You can find out more details, including our obligations as an employer, by visiting – Living Wage Employer.

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Our Purpose. Our Foundations. Our 'Why.'

Our Vision is...

Improved health and wellbeing for everyone in the UK, now and for future generations.

Our Mission is...

To change lives by improving health and wellbeing using the power of physical activity, sport and education.

Our 'ACTIVE' Values...


We will be passionate and innovative to be the best we can be.


We are stronger together.


We will be honest and transparent in everything we do.


We will treat everyone equally and with respect, removing barriers & creating opportunity.


We will work with energy, perseverance and resilience.


We will empower people to be independent and responsible. 

It's in the name. It's who we are. It's what we do.

Our name and logo are more than just a part of our visual identity, they embody everything we stand for and everything we do as an organisation. They are the compass which guides us and keeps us true to our Vision, Mission and Values.


We believe that leading an active and healthy lifestyle is at the heart of a person’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. That is why it forms the start of our logo. Our 3 rings. Our 3 ‘pillars’.

About Activeme360 Physical Pillar
About Activeme360 Mental Pillar
About Activeme360 Social Pillar

Our 6 ACTIVE values provide the foundations for everything we look for, and strive for, as an organisation. Whether that be in who we have on our team or who we choose to engage with.

We believe there should be 0 barriers for anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle. We want to help support and improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing. That’s why we are committed to doing everything we can to remove any barriers for all individuals, groups or organisations we work with.

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