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Actively working in your community

At Active Me 360 CIC we are driven by our purpose, our cause, our founding principles of giving back to our community by working to benefit everyone within it and add social value. To achieve this aim we align it to our missionto inspire everyone to lead active and healthy lifestyles to support and improve physical, mental and social wellbeing – we achieve this using the power of physical activity, sport and education. We believe this helps to make our communities better, stronger more cohesive.

It is our standing as a proud Social Enterprise that makes us different, makes us unique, we don’t just say we reinvest back into our communities, we actively do. Our founding statutory legal obligations state we must reinvest at least 65% of any profits we make to benefit the community and add social value. 

As an inclusive organisation our targeted services and projects cover all ages, genders and abilities. We believe in a zero barrier approach, which means if a barrier to inclusion or access presents itself we will do everything we can to knock it down.

Examples of some of the services & projects we aim to deliver & causes to support;

Our current projects include;

Community Football Programme

Working with the Active Winchester team at Winchester City Council we deliver a range of community projects across the district. The projects aim to;
- To increase physical activity levels of inactive children across the district.
- To provide Winchester tenants with free physical activity sessions.
- To increase the health and happiness of the Winchester District.

If you think your community would benefit from one of our projects, you would like to support us or believe we could support an existing project or cause we would love to hear from you. 

We are always looking to collaborate with people or organisations who share our Vision, Mission & Values

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