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Future First Aiders Alver Valley

Future First Aiders was delivered during Autumn 2 at Alver Valley schools.

Initial Challenge

Alver Valley Schools wanted to provide pupils the opportunity to engage in enriching activities that are not part of the standard timetable. The focus was also on those children from the forces group and young carers, allowing them access and opportunity to develop first aid knowledge and skills.


Initial conversations were held with the school to understand their exact needs. Having listened and understood to the outcomes the school were looking to achieve; the first aid programme was identified as the most appropriate solution.


Future First Aiders was delivered to two groups of forces children and young carers across a 6-week period. The programme engaged 50 pupils from KS2 providing them with knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to support and assist in a first aid scenario as well as understanding appropriate action to take in an emergency situation.

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