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Case Study | Level 2 Multi Skills

Take a look at our Level 2 Multi Skills with BH Live.

Initial Challenge

BH Live had identified a need to expand their HAF provision and community-based sessions.  

For this to happen they needed current team members to be up skilled in the multi skill qualification to enable them to independently deliver a series of sessions which would support in meeting the criteria for the HAF programme and developing their offering within the community. 


After initial discussions around the support and qualifications Active Futures could offer, it was decided that the best approach would be the L2 multi skills qualification. A bespoke delivery arrangement was agreed as this supported BH Live with operationally releasing the learners for the qualification. Tutored sessions were delivered alongside demonstrations of practical content. An agreed assessment date was organised to support the needs of BH Live and to suit their operational need. 


All 10 learners have submitted their folder work, with all on track to pass the qualification. Folders are currently with IQA for internal moderation before being send to EPA during the June moderation window.

Interested in Level 2 Multi Skills for your business?

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