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How can I improve my student’s confidence and attainment levels in Maths and English?

Active Schools

Introduction to Physically Active Learning

As educators, it’s our responsibility to address a number of challenges facing children and young people, such as a lack of physical activity, increasing obesity rates, excessive screen time, and mental health concerns. Children’s wellbeing is negatively affected by all these factors, and PE is often the first subject to go when funds and resources are limited.

Incorporating physically active learning into school curriculums can increase pupils’ physical activity levels and improve their confidence and achievement in core subjects such as English and Maths.

Developed by teachers for teachers, Physically Active Learning programmes such as English or Maths on the Move align to the national curriculum and are suitable for all abilities.

Tell me more about Maths and English on the Move

Maths and English on the Move are 12-week intervention programmes delivered weekly to a group of children identified in specific year groups who might need additional support. Over 81% of Hampshire pupils who have participated in Maths on the Move reported feeling more confident and 95% of pupils participating in English on the Move reported improvements in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG).

A study by Leeds Beckett University in 2020 found that on a day when children took part in Maths on the Move (MOTM), 59% achieved the 30-minute guideline for daily physical activity, compared to 31% on a non-MOTM day.

So, by linking curriculum lessons with physical activity, children are being more active AND improving confidence and attainment in the given subject. Whether your children are taking part in a Physically Active Learning intervention, taking physical activity breaks during the day or cross-curricular learning is being included in PE lessons, children can improve their confidence, attainment and most importantly overall wellbeing by making physical activity part of every lesson.

What does a Maths or English on the Move programme look like?

In just 5 clear steps, you can understand how the programmes could work for your class:

  1. Select your bespoke booklets to meet the needs and current learning of the pupils during the 12-week programme.
  2. Each session covers a different topic and at the start of each session pupils complete 5 questions.
  3. Next, pupils implement the methodology into physical activities, applying the learning to real life situations with the support of our educator.
  4. To finish, pupils complete 5 further questions.
  5. Questions are then marked and recorded by our Educators so you can see the pupils’ improvements!

How can my School budget for Physically Active Learning programmes?

Funding is accessible through several streams:

  • PE & School Sport Premiumaddresses key indicators and raises the profile of PE and sports across the school, as a tool for whole-school improvement.
  • Pupil Premium – raise the confidence and attainment of pupils and ‘close the gap’.
  • Maths/English Budget – introduce innovative methods and help people achieve national standards in maths or English.

Want to find out more? Get in touch for an initial discussion to see how this programme could work for you and your school, or we can explore our 6 or 12-week trial for both programmes.