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How can teacher mentoring benefit you and your school? 

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Being asked to lead PE or pick up PE lessons when you’re not a specialist in the subject can be daunting, especially when you want to ensure your children are receiving quality PE education.

Teacher mentoring programmes are designed to support & upskill your team to inspire an active culture in your school.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a mentoring programme as part of your teacher CPD:

  • Building confidence in your subject knowledge and PE delivery

By working alongside a PE specialist, you will learn new ideas and practices that will inspire you to enhance your knowledge of the subject and empower you within your own PE journey. You will develop a lasting relationship with your mentor based on trust and respect to hone your skills as a PE practitioner.

  • Developing a culture of PESSPA within your school setting

Taking already existing programmes of physical activities and creating an amazing culture of wellbeing and sports within your school community, a mentoring programme will help you develop social skills, house games events and extra curricular activities for your children.

  • Adding new tools too your teaching tool kit

You will learn new and exciting soft skills from different specialists who work in a variety of different settings from elite sports, professional dance and other teachers to name but a few.

  • Bringing to life curriculums that encompass a wide variety of sports and physical skills

Working alongside PE leads to develop curriculums and schemes of work, bespoke to your setting, you can bring vitality and aspiration to all those working with them. Expanding the physical literacy of the children and making the PE lesson the best place to be.

  • Diversify the activities you are teaching

Learn to strike the needs of all of your students with a variety of fun and engaging activities in your lessons. From changing the task to developing non-participating roles, working with mental health and physical disability, in an inclusive environment to suit all needs.

Do you think you or your staff would benefit from teacher mentoring? Get in touch by sending us an email [email protected] or giving us a call on 02382 511844.