Mini Me Yoga

Introducing Mini Me Yoga

Mini Me Yoga is the perfect programme to introduce your pupils to yoga and the benefits that come along with the practice.

A Mini Me Yoga children’s yoga class is a safe space to explore movement and mindfulness through play. Children learn about their body, mind and emotions to support self-regulation and teaching strategies for taking care of physical and mental health.  It’s also a chance to connect with others, developing positive relationships and mindset to thrive.

Classes are active, engaging and most of all… fun. 

There are many benefits to kids’ yoga classes:

Packages for your school

Why not have a chat with us to see how this programme can benefit your pupils.

Our coaches are trained to deliver 20,30 or 45-minute Mini Me Yoga and Mindfulness sessions.

These sessions teach and explore several elements of mindfulness, positive thinking and yoga techniques to increase confidence, happiness, self-esteem having a positive effect on the learning environment, and supporting both physical and mental wellbeing. 

How can your school budget for Mini Me Yoga?

You can access funding from several streams to help engage your pupils:

If you have any questions on how to use the government funding available, or if you’d like to know more about Mini Me Yoga, get in touch today.

Train your teachers to deliver Mini Me Yoga

Would you like to bring Mini Me Yoga into your school, without having dedicated lesson time each week?

Our 2 hour CPD accredited course gives teachers the opportunity to learn practical techniques that they can implement immediately into the classroom environment as brain breaks, classroom and behaviour management strategies or to use with individual children to support their wellbeing.

Attend or book on to our training workshops

To find out more about where our next workshop is taking place or what a bespoke workshop for your school might look like, please visit the Active Futures website here.

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