Expand your business. Expand our Mission.

We are always on the lookout for new partnerships with like-minded businesses, charities or other organisations to work with to support you in achieving your goals and help us to achieve ours. There are a number of ways we can work together to ‘change the game’ on physical activity, health and wellbeing.

Explore our different types of partnerships:

Create Awareness

If you’re someone who loves physical activity, sport and education, and you have a passion for business and giving back to your local community then we’d love to meet you. 

Our long term vision is to take our mission beyond Hampshire, if you think you can help us to do this please get in touch with us.

Join our '360 Connect' Programme

We are committed to ensuring our communities have access to the highest standards and quality of provision, to inspire more people to lead active and healthy lifestyles. We know there are lots of great organisations who, like us, are doing great work.  If this is you, then we want to ‘connect’ with you!

We want to support you and any key projects you’re working on to help benefit our local communities.

To find out more about this programme, get in touch!

Become a Delivery Partner

We know that working in the active leisure, education and sport industry can be a challenge operationally. Whether you’re limited on staff to fulfil your business needs or there’s not enough work to fulfil your staff needs, by working together we can share resources and best practise, deliver more and achieve more.

Become a Mission Partner

If you have a product or service you believe will help support us achieve our mission, or you believe we have a service or product that would support your own mission then we would love to hear from you. We already have a number of partnerships with organisations who are doing just that.