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Swim:ED - Revolutionising Swim Education for Schools

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Imagine a world where every child has the opportunity to learn how to swim, regardless of a school’s logistical and financial constraints. We’re turning this vision into a reality by introducing an innovative approach to swim education that’s changing the game for schools across Hampshire, Wiltshire, and West Sussex. 

What is Swim:ED? 

Launched September 2023, Swim:ED is a groundbreaking initiative designed to deliver water safety and swim education directly to schools. But here’s the twist – we bring the pool to you! That’s right, no need to worry about arranging transportation or additional staffing. With Swim:ED, the swimming pool is right at your school’s doorstep. 


One of the core principles of Swim:ED is accessibility. We firmly believe that swimming should be accessible to every child, and we’re committed to breaking down the barriers that have prevented many from learning this crucial life skill. 

Cost-Efficient Solution 

Traditional swimming programmes often involve significant costs related to transportation and staffing. Swim:ED eliminates these expenses, making high-quality swim education more affordable for schools. By bringing the pool to your school, we help you allocate your budget where it truly matters – on your students’ learning. 

Measurable Impact 

We understand the importance of demonstrating the impact of educational programmes. Swim:ED provides comprehensive reports and assessments to track each student’s progress. These valuable insights allow schools to monitor the development of their students and showcase the positive impact of swim education. 

High-Quality Swim Education 

Our team of experienced instructors are dedicated in providing high-quality swim education to all children. With 45 minutes of pool time every day, students have the opportunity to build their water confidence, learn essential swimming skills, and understand the importance of water safety. 

Value for Money 

Swim:ED offers exceptional value for money. By providing daily pool time on-site, we minimise lost learning time due to travel and setup, ensuring that students can make the most of their swim education experience. 

Enhancing Learning On-Site 

By keeping swimming lessons on-site, schools can reduce disruptions to the daily schedule, creating a seamless transition between classroom and pool. This approach not only saves time but also enhances the overall learning experience. 

We’re passionate about empowering schools to offer high-quality swim education to their students. With our portable swimming pools and dedicated instructors, we’re changing the way children learn to swim, one school at a time. Join us in making swimming accessible, affordable, and impactful for all. Together, we’re diving into a brighter, safer future for our students. 


If you’re interested in your school having the Swim:ED programme, email: [email protected], or alternatively find out more information by visiting our website.