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What are the benefits of a wraparound club?

Active Schools

Wraparound club = an extended afterschool club service for parents who need additional hours of care outside of the standard school day. 

Many schools ensure wraparound provision is available for parents to use, as a way of providing additional safe care out of school hours. 

Understandably, parents are always looking for a reliable childcare provider to meet their existing (and future) work commitments and want to rest easy knowing their children are safe and enjoying themselves. We’re proud to have launched our ActivePlus service earlier this year, providing essential wraparound clubs for the schools who need us most.  

Each club Includes a variety of FUN and EXCITING activities with something for all the children to enjoy, ranging from sports, science experiments, outdoor adventures and much more!  

Take a look at what we believe are the top 5 benefits of wraparound provision: 

1. Looking after children’s mental and social health 

With any afterschool or wraparound clubs, children are more likely to spend time with children they don’t necessarily interact with during a normal school day. This allows them to build new relationships and develop their social skills, having fun and exploring these friendships and their own interests in a safe environment.  

2. Providing a range of activities not usually available 

Children get a choice of what activities they want to participate in each day. There is a timetable available in advance that lists the different activities on offer, and the timetables always look to cater for the interests of all the children who attend. This gives children the opportunity to try new things and develop their skills in other areas, whilst feeling confident they know what to expect. 

3. Extended childcare for those that need us most. 

A wraparound club is sometimes the only way that working parents can find safe childcare for their children. Parent’s can confidently schedule in work commitments or personal appointments when they know their children are with a reliable provider they can trust. 

4. Affordable childcare 

Wraparound clubs are often more affordable than other forms of childcare and are payable by childcare vouchers (unlike most after school clubs) and as they take place in the child’s school…there’s no need to worry about the cost or time that comes with traveling between venues! 

5. Safe environment  

Wraparound clubs are Ofsted-regulated, which mean parents have peace of mind that their children are in a safe, protected environment that meets a set of regulated standards. 

We currently run our provision at Bishops Waltham Junior School, Bassett Green Primary School AND Oakley Infant School – Do you attend one of these schools? You can book your place here. 

The timetable runs from 3.15 as soon as school finishes and runs until 6pm in the evening…you can see an example timetable here.  

“ActiveMe360 have been outstanding in every department. The after-school wraparound provision they provide for the pupils is thoroughly enjoyed by all and a testament to the coaches/staff 😊 I would highly recommend ActiveMe360 to any school.”

Darren Campbell, Headteacher, Bishops Waltham Junior School

To find out more information please email us at [email protected] or call 02382511844. Or alternatively take a look at our case study.