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What’s included in the Coaching assistant course, how does it work and how can schools fund it?

Active Futures

Our Level 1 certified Coaching Assistant qualification course offers a mixture of practical and theory sessions that cover everything from how to do a risk assessment to conducting a safe and engaging session.


Taught by qualified and knowledgeable tutors and assessors, each student can expect to receive high quality learning and industry examples in a safe and inclusive environment.


All learners must be 14+ (suitable for year 10/11), which means the course is a perfect option for any enrichment activity over the course of a term in 2-hour sessions or intensively over a week.


This course provides a great steppingstone for teens who may thrive in a more practical environment looking for alternative post school pathways. The course allows students to move on to become an assistant sport coach or even qualify for their level 2 in delivering a specific sport or becoming a multi-skills coach. Following this, ActiveMe 360 also have opportunities to enrol on our apprenticeship programme, the Level 4 Sports Coach Qualification.


By delivering these courses as part of your enrichment offering, you can effectively introduce alternative provision within the PE department and enhance the curriculum offering at your school. Using the curriculum budget, this accredited, certificated and nationally recognised qualification can be delivered to your pupils.

To find out more information or to arrange a qualification to be delivered at your school. Contact [email protected]