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Become a Partner Venue

Would you like to explore how your school or venue could become a HAF or paid hub?


We’d love to hear from you!

ActiveMe 360 is always looking to add new HAF camps and support more communities & families. If you are interested in becoming a HAF venue then we would need you to make your premises available for a minimum of 4 days at Easter, 16 days at Summer & 4 days at Christmas. On top of this we would need to show the local authority that there is a need for a HAF provision in your community, this can be done by showing your current FSM numbers and/or proof that your families do not currently engage in any other HAF provision. This could be due to the fact there is not one local or families are unwilling to travel.

Our holiday camps

A young girl with a bow and arrow at a holiday camp learning Archery.