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Our brand-new Swim:ED programme delivers water safety and swim education direct to your school using the unique concept of portable swimming pools.


Our brand-new Swim:ED programme delivers water safety and swim education direct to your school using the unique concept of portable swimming pools.

 Since 1994 swimming and water safety have been a statutory element of the national curriculum for primary schools, every child leaving primary school should be able to;

  • Perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations.
  • Swim 25 meters confidently, competently and proficiently.
  • Use a range of strokes effectively.


(Footage courtesy of BBC South Today.)

Breaking down barriers

For many reasons we know swimming is not accessible for too many children across the UK, did you know that;

  • 1 in 4 children leave Primary School not being able to swim the statutory 25 meters. It is feared this could rise to 3 in 5 by 2025-26.
  • Only 45% of children from the most deprived areas of the country can swim 25 meters, compared to 76% in the least deprived areas.
  • 55% of parents rely on schools to teach their children how to swim.

Source: Swim England

Swim:ED aims to solve your headaches and remove these barriers by providing a swimming solution direct to your school. How do we achieve this? Simple, we bring our portable swimming pool to you and deliver a high quality 5, 6 or 7 week swimming and water safety programme to your children. Need further reason, we also track children’s progress and provide you with impact and data reports.

Your problems

  • Lack of access to a swimming pool or teachers – your local leisure centre is not logistically available, has closed or is closing, or does not have availability to meet your needs.
  • Last minute cancellations by your local pool.
  • Spiralling transport costs to get to your nearest available swimming pool.
  • Staff shortages meaning no available staff to escort and supervise children going swimming offsite.
  • Increased staff costs and poor utilisation due to the number of staff required to take your children swimming.
  • Significant impact on children’s learning time in the classroom due to the time needed to travel to and from your swimming.
  • Poor value for money and low impact with swimming lessons lasting less than 20 minutes by the time you account for travel, changing and delays.

Our Solutions

  • We bring a portable swimming pool direct to your school.
  • We provide a guaranteed high quality 5, 6 or 7 week programme from our dedicated Swim:ED team.
  • The only travel required is a 30 second walk from the school to the pool.
  • We will only likely require one member of your staff to support our programme, meaning you keep more staff in school supporting children’s learning.
  • From the time children leave the classroom until they return from swimming is around 1 hour, meaning children’s lost learning time from travelling offsite is reduced.
  • Our programme provides children with 45 minutes pool time with a qualified swim teacher.
  • We provide post programme reports and attainment data demonstrating the impact of the programme. This means you get the maximum impact from your spend.
  • Our Swim:ED programme removes many of the barriers and challenges schools face by providing a direct, safe and high quality swim solution to your school.

Impact data


increase in children able to perform safe-self rescue.*


increase in children able to use a range of different strokes.*


increase in children able to swim at least 25m.*

*Based on 230 pupils participating in the Swim:ED programme in Autumn Term 2023, with each pupil averaging 9 hours swim education.

Key features

Our Swim:ED packages will include:

Set-up and pack-down of the pool (10m x 5m) and lockable marquee on your school premises

All health and safety policies, procedures and signage

A fully insured operation

Pool safety, maintenance and operational plan, including pool covers and a security system

Swim teacher and lifeguard providing high quality education to the standards you expect from us

A digital tool kit for your school to communicate with your parents

A programme following the national curriculum and tailored to your needs

45-minute lessons per group, with impact data and reports upon completion

Pool heater to ensure temperatures remain safe.

All resources and equipment, over 140 items in total

Option of an extra-curricular and community programme to support more children with swimming

PLUS… lots more to ensure it’s a fully safe, compliant and effective solution for your school

How to book Swim:ED for my school

If you are interested in making a splash and bringing Swim:ED to your school please complete our expression of interest form below.

Once we have received your form...

...We will be in touch to arrange a discovery meeting with you. At the meeting we will share more information with you on the programme, find out more about your school’s swimming needs, and conduct a site survey.

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