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Green 360: our green strategy

We are the first education and sports provider in Hampshire and Sussex to offset our carbon footprint from service delivery, ensuring when you work with us there is no adverse environmental impact.

Green 360

As part of our commitment as a social enterprise to reinvest in the communities we work in, we’ve developed a green strategy to help us reduce our impact on the environment and make informed decisions that work to tackle the climate crisis. Setting a clear vision and strategy ultimately enables us to make better decisions that align with our wider company goals and reduces the negative impact we leave on our planet.

We are the first education and sports provider in Hampshire and Sussex to offset our carbon footprint from service delivery, ensuring when you work with us there is no adverse environmental impact.

The strategy

Every year we will review our green strategy and where we are as a business, to then make informed decisions on how to best develop future phases.

In our multi-phase green strategy, we will be starting with offsetting our travel carbon footprint. Being a part of a service led industry means our team travel far and wide to continue our mission. It’s a part of the job that we love as it means meeting new people and working in new communities to improve the physical, mental and social health and wellbeing of children and young people.

But it also means our travel carbon footprint can get pretty big. Our green strategy officially launched on April 22nd 2022, however, our tracking started from January 1st of that year. From this date, and every month following, our team have been recording their mileage so we know our carbon footprint.

Every quarter, we will review these miles and then purchase the relevant number of trees and invest in worldwide projects that will offset this carbon footprint. We will do this through social enterprise and environmental organisation, Ecologi.

It’s now common knowledge that one of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees and be less reliant on non-renewable energy.

For example, for every tonne of carbon dioxide omitted, 42 trees are needed to offset the CO2 produced. Ecologi only partner with tree-planting organisations who practise responsible forestry, with the minimisation of forest fire risk in mind, and all trees planted are varied and of native species.

Throughout the year we also run special green events and promotions, where we will look to engage the ActiveMe 360 community in going green.

Ecologi are a Bristol based company that have planted over 25 million trees and funded some of the best gold standard carbon reduction projects that are able to evidence that they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Like us, they’re a social enterprise who are committed to investing 85% of funds received directly into these climate saving projects. The remaining 15% going directly into operational costs. They were created with people like you and me in mind, to give us a way of directly taking on the climate crisis.

Our purpose. Our 'Why'.

Our vision

Improved health and wellbeing for everyone in the UK, now and for future generations.

Our mission

To change lives by improving health and wellbeing, using the power of physical activity, sport and education.

Our Active values


We will be passionate, innovative and engaging.


We are stronger together.


We will be honest and transparent, every step of the way.


We will create a positive and inclusive environment for all. We will treat everyone equally and with respect. Removing barriers & creating opportunity.


We will work with energy, perseverance and resilience.


We will encourage confidence that will empower people to be independent and responsible for their actions.


As an organisation our Safety value underpins everything we do from the policies we follow, the rules we enforce and the team we work with.

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