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After school clubs

Our after-school clubs provide an extended opportunity to give children that helping hand toward leading an active and healthy life, supporting their mental, social and physical wellbeing.


We provide a safe environment for children to explore and experience new activities and we understand that for many, the working day doesn’t end when the school day does. By offering after school clubs that meet mental, physical and social wellbeing needs, parents can be reassured that their children are looked after and having fun.

If your child is unsure on which club to join then fear not! We offer free taster sessions on all our clubs so you can make sure it’s the right club for you.

Interested in exploring our after-school club offering and how it could work for your school? Get in touch.


Don’t take our word for it, below is some feedback from our parents and children:

"My twin girls attended very last minute, and the team were so accommodating, welcoming & efficient. The girls were happy and excited to attend loved the activities and staff were fantastic with them.

“This is a lifesaver as I can relax knowing childcare is taken care of, and the girls are having a good time, whilst I’m still able to earn money.”

"I love playing Dodgeball and spending time with my friends. I also love being outside playing games in the sun with the hoops and beanbags! "

What's on offer

If your child is unsure on which club to join then fear not! We offer free taster sessions on all our clubs so you can make sure it’s the right club for you. Have a look at the list of clubs we offer below, our offering is not limited to the below so do get in contact with us if there’s anything specific you’d like offered.


Clubs 2023/24 Key Stage 1 Ratio Key Stage 2 Ratio
Tag Rugby Y 1:16 Y 1:18
Football Y 1:16 Y 1:18
Basketball Y 1:16 Y 1:18
Dodgeball Y 1:16 Y 1:18
Athletics Y 1:16 Y 1:18
Gymnastics Y 1:16 Y 1:18
Dance Y 1:16 Y 1:18
360 Sports* Y 1:16 N N/A
Fencing & Archery N N/A Y 1:18
Jag Tag (American Football) N N/A Y 1:18

* Our ‘360 Sports’ focuses on different sports each week. Throughout the duration of a term, you can expect your child to have taken part in around 10-12 different sports/activities. With the vast variety of sports and activities offered, this club will certainly support the development of your little ones skill sets not to mention their Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing.

Why book with us

Green 360

Our teams delivery mileage for each camp is recorded, and at the end of each holiday period we purchase the relevant number of trees and donate to worldwide projects, to offset our carbon footprint.

Social Enterprise

65% of our profits are reinvested back into local communities, meaning when you book with us, your community benefit too.

Real Living Wage Employer

We have committed to ensuring everyone over the age of 18 who works for ActiveMe 360 receives at least the real living wage.

Visit our knowledge base for any of your after school clubs FAQ’s.

Interested in exploring our after-school club offering?

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