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Wraparound care

Our ActivePlus programme enhances the education of children through an extended day by providing a safe, diverse and enjoyable wraparound service.


Welcome to ActivePlus Wraparound – our innovative and Ofsted registered wraparound club that enhances the education of children through an extended day, by providing a safe, diverse and enjoyable wraparound provision.

ActivePlus is designed to provide children and families with the support they need beyond regular school hours, whether this is before or afterschool. We understand that juggling work commitments and the demands of daily life can be challenging, so we offer flexible booking times and pricing options to ensure you only book and pay for the sessions you need, when you need them.

We are more than just a wraparound provider.

Our diverse timetable offers a minimum of 15 different clubs per week, ranging from dodgeball and football, to cooking and science. Our flexible booking options mean that your child is able to attend for the first session only if you don’t need wraparound care. This means we are able to offer schools a wide range of afterschool clubs for all children, as well as additional activities for those who need childcare for longer.

ActivePlus breakfast club includes a healthy breakfast for every child including a range of cereal, toast, crumpets, fruit and yogurt. Once breakfast has been served, children will be able to take part in a light physical activity or a wellbeing activity to get them ready for the busy day ahead!

Example timetable

ActivePlus after school club is split into 3 separate timeslots. In each slot, the children can choose which activity they would like to do. You book the timeslot, not the activity. This gives children the flexibility to try a range of activities each week and decide on the day which activities they would like to do.

During the middle session, at around 16:40 we provide a light meal. This meal includes wraps, sandwiches and rolls with fillings such as cheese, ham, chicken, jam as well as fruit and a range of other snacks. We ensure that all dietary requirements are catered for. Once food has been served children can then take part in another club, as advertised on the timetable, or they can relax with a range of games, books or arts & crafts.

The final session of the day is a child led session, where children can either take part in active play or choose their favourite wellbeing activity to help them relax, unwind and spend time socialising with friends.

15:20-16:30 16:30 – 18:00
Monday KS2 | Outdoor & Adventure Food Games, Crafts & Wraparound Care Activities (Suitable for all ages)
Tuesday KS2 | Dodgeball (Or outdoor activities) Food
Wednesday KS2 | Basketball (Or outdoor activities) Food
Thursday KS2 | 360 Sports Food
Friday KS2 | Football (Or outdoor activities) Food

Why us

Enhanced Extra-Curricular offering

ActivePlus offers your children up to 25 different afterschool clubs, including Sports, Arts & Crafts, Science and Games.


Flexible booking times mean parents only book and pay for what they need.


Our online booking system means parents can make and amend bookings at any time. We also offer free of charge places for children who need a little extra help to access provision.


An opportunity for you to generate additional revenue through venue hire agreements and receive discounted PE, Mentoring, Physically Active Learning and Lunchtime clubs.


Bookings, childcare vouchers and tax credits taken care of by ActiveMe 360 and a 50% discount for school staff.


Employment opportunities for school staff and your local community. Helping you to retain the best talent in your team by providing additional income.


Staff sickness is covered by ActiveMe 360, taking the pressure off of school staff to manage staffing.


Ofsted registered provision allows you to rest easy knowing your children are being taken care of in a safe, and Ofsted compliant environment.


Download our 'Why us' infographic to make it easier to compare with other providers, when reviewing your provision.

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