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Teacher mentoring and training

Our 360 Teacher Mentoring Programme is a tailored 1-1 programme, that provides teachers with the skill set and confidence to deliver high quality PE lessons.


Our 360 Teacher Training and Mentoring programme offers a unique, personalised journey for your teaching staff.

Whether an ECT or an experienced teacher, our mentoring approach will work on subject knowledge, understanding and confidence of delivering high quality PE and school sport to the pupils at your school. Working alongside our qualified and experienced mentors, you can expect a personalised programme to be built for each individual teacher working on their needs, whilst setting manageable outcomes to achieve from the programme. The programme can help support with embedding PE across the school whilst also focusing on children’s mental, physical and social well-being.

How it works

Our tailored mentoring packages have been designed to suit your needs as a school. Whether you are looking for our ‘Lite’, ‘Impact’ or ‘Pro’ package, your staff can be assured that our knowledgeable team members will be there to support along each step of the journey.

Each of our packages work on the simple principle of;

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

There is no formula for “outstanding”

Ofsted stated: “there are many routes to excellence”.   To suggest a prescribed formula for outstanding lessons would ignore the fact that what makes one lesson outstanding might not necessarily do the same for another, and what works for one teacher with one class might not work for another teacher and another class. That’s why our programme is completely tailored to your school, your teachers and your pupils.

All our packages follow 5 simple steps;

  1. Our mentor will meet with each teacher to discuss their PE experiences, areas they are confident in and areas that they would like support with. Together, they will then set some targets that they will work towards with our mentor for the duration of the programme. These targets will support both the teacher and their pupil’s development.
  2. Lesson 1! The plan for the first lesson will have bee discussed with the mentor, so everyone will know what their role is going to be. Typically for the first couple of weeks the mentor will deliver with support from the teacher, then gradually they will begin to lead parts of the lesson. However, if the teacher is is confident with PE and School Sport delivery and want to lead from the outset that is also fine, after all this is a programme tailored for them.
  3. At the end of each lesson, a few minutes will be spent with our mentor filling in the weekly ‘Mission Log’ and discussing the lesson. A plan for the following lesson will also be covered.
  4. Between lessons our mentor is available via e-mail if there are any questions or there is anything to go through in preparation for the next lesson.
  5. At the end of each half term, the teacher will meet with our mentor for 20 minutes to review the half term and the targets that were set at the beginning. They will also identify areas that require further support with moving forwards.

Our Packages

Our tailored mentoring packages have been designed to suit your needs as a school. Whether you are looking for our ‘lite’ ‘impact’ or ‘pro’ package, your staff can be assured that our knowledgeable team members will be there to support along each step of the journey.

Our ‘impact’ and ‘pro’ packages include the use of our 360 mentoring folder. The folder has been carefully designed not to add additional workloads for teachers, but to provide an additional layer of support with documenting personalised learning journeys and support with teacher’s confidence, goal setting and progress whilst acting as a tangible evidence base.

All sessions will demonstrate differentiation and how this can be effectively embedded within PE lessons as well supporting with the assessment of learning.

The Benefits

Our mentoring programme will help teachers develop:

Confidence in the progression & breakdown of skills within PE.

Ability to differentiate techniques in a PE lesson.

Understand how to set-up and use equipment effectively.

Activity/topic specific knowledge & support, i.e. gymnastics.

Health & Safety skills in PE.

Effective use of assessment in PE.

Physical, mental & social wellbeing of their students.

Embedding PE & school sport at your school for sustained success.

Ideas for embedding physical activity in other areas of the curriculum.

Our difference

We like to do things differently which is why our mentoring programme is like no other. It is continually reviewed and evolved to ensure it meets up to date guidance and needs, ensuring it is a perfect solution for your school, teachers and pupils.

Here is how our programme is different to others;

  • We provide a highly qualified mentor that meets the national standard in PE and school sport, has mentoring qualifications and has extensive experience of delivering PE and working in a school.
  • Personalised and ongoing support outside of direct in school mentoring, including the use of video feedback.
  • A holistic approach focusing on every aspect of PE and school sport, from strategy, planning and implementation to assessment.
  • Each teacher will have their own mentoring folder to log their journey (‘Impact’ and ‘Pro’ packages only).
  • The programme links to the School Improvement Plan (SIP) & long-term strategy for PE to ensure a school centred approach.
  • The programme is goal oriented, with clear outcomes & expected success criteria to measure progress.
  • A positive approach based on a SOAR framework (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results).
  • A clear mentoring journey with every stage mapped from the beginning.
  • Impact data for the school upon the programme’s conclusion.
  • Three bespoke packages to choose from as we know one size does not fit all.



teachers engaged in our mentoring programme since 2020/21.


hours of mentoring delivered so far.


of teachers said our programme improved their confidence in delivering


of teachers said our programme improved their delivery of PE.

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