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Active Parties

Does your child want to do something a little bit different and special for their birthday this year?


Get ready for an epic birthday bash with our Active Parties! We’ve got the ultimate line-up of adrenaline-pumping activities to make your child’s birthday celebration unforgettable.

Whether your child is a dancing diva, aspiring gymnast, dodgeball enthusiast, football fan or sporting all rounder, we’ve got something for everyone!

Each 2-hour party includes 90 minutes of sport, followed by 30 minutes of supporting parents with food, cake and supervising children.

Games will include all of our holiday camp, community session and after-school club favourites! We will also speak to you to make sure that all of your child’s favourites are included. All parties are inclusive, so don’t worry if children in your group have differing levels of experience in the sport. Our team will make sure everyone has a great time!

We know booking and running a party can be a stressful time for parents, we are there every step of the way for you too, our team of experts will make sure it is a simple, easy and stress free journey with us.

What we offer

Scroll down to see the different themed parties we have available!

Football Parties

Kick off the fun with a Football Party. After warm up games, it’ll be onto dribbling, shooting and skills challenges before heading into mini-matches. Please ensure all children have shinpads if your child will be wanting to include matches!

Dodgeball Parties

Dodge, duck, and dive into our Dodgeball Party! Grab a ball and let children unleash their throwing arm as they engage in high-energy battles with their teammates. We’ll play a range of dodgeball favourites such as Doctor Dodgeball, Kings & Queens, Run the Gauntlet and of course ultimate dodgeball, before finishing off with a Dodgeball tournament.

360 Sports Parties

If your child wants to experience a range of their favourite sports, then a 360 Sports Party is the perfect choice. Including up to 4 different sports, this is the perfect party for the all rounder! With a range of exciting games and competitions, your child will have a great time developing their skills and showcasing their athletic abilities.

3SIXTY Dance Academy Parties

For all the dance enthusiasts out there, our Dance Parties are a must! Whether your child chooses Street Dance or personalised theme, our talented Dance teachers will inspire your party and create an electric atmosphere that will have everyone child dancing and smiling all the way home!

Gymnastics Parties

For those aspiring Gymnasts, our Gymnastics Parties are perfect! The party starts with music and fun gymnastics games. We then have time to explore the children’s favourite apparatus or learn how to use new apparatus such as rings, ropes, wall bars, springboards and benches. Finally, it’s time for the obstacle course! How quickly can the children can make it though, over, and round the course, putting into practise the skills that they have learnt today?

Safety is our top priority.

Our experienced and qualified team staff create a safe and inclusive environment, and all activities are tailored to suit the age and experience of group, guaranteeing a worry-free experience for parents. We provide all the necessary equipment, so you can focus on enjoying the party too! We’ll be on hand for the last 30 minutes of the party to support with food, cake and supervising children. Please note that you will need to provide the cake and food.


Prices start from £195+VAT including venue hire at Swanmore Leisure, or £149+VAT if the venue is booked by you.

Send us your enquiry

Would you like ActiveMe 360 to host your next birthday party? We'd love to hear from you.


  • A 2 hour party, 90 minutes of activities, followed by 30 minutes of supporting with food.
  • A present for the birthday child, with certificates for every child who attends
  • Venue hire at Swanmore College if selected
  • Gift bags for every child if selected

Prices start from £195+ VAT including venue hire at Swanmore Leisure, or £149+ VAT if the venue is booked by you.

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Children learning how to dance in a dance studio. The girl in the centre image is wearing a black top with the 3SIXTY Dance Academy Logo on.