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ActiveMe 360 have teamed up with JagTag UK to bring the game to Hampshire.


Jagtag is a simplified version of touch american football invented by the Jacksonville Jaguars and sweeping across schools in the UK. Getting kids active and interested in a different sport to the usual.

Over 87,000 children are currently playing the game and the Jaguars want to take the game even further and create the next generation of football fans, and maybe even players.

ActiveMe 360 have teamed up with JagTag UK to bring the game to Hampshire. Over the coming years we will look to incorporate the programme across our services, from Holiday Camps to schools programmes with competitions.

Who's JagTag for?

The game is suitable for children of all abilities as they are taught basic techniques of throwing, catching, evading and defending before gradually up skilling as they get more experience, eventually learning how to create their own in game tactics.

JagTag has already seen thousands of children progress on to their local BAFA (British American Football Association) teams through the JagTag programme, with some players advancing as far as accepting scholarships to play in universities across the USA and UK. We will be looking to develop pathways from our JagTag programme to local teams to support this aim.

It is a chance to experience a sport outside of the mainstream, is easy to pick up, works with all shapes and sizes and pushes children to work as a team and think tactically.

For more details on JagTag you can visit their website here.

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