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Budgeting to incorporate Mini Me Yoga classes and/or training

Active Futures

We appreciate that educational budgets are probably tighter than ever, and we have to decide and choose carefully where we are spending our money.

With Mini Me Yoga, we offer a variety of options so that we can meet various budgets and ensure that as many children as possible can explore yoga, mindful movement and other wellbeing approaches and techniques.

What we offer:  

  • Wellbeing Days – one off days where a member of the team can come in and deliver taster sessions to each class
  • Regular half term or termly Yoga sessions as part of PE provision alongside breakfast, lunch and after school clubs
  • Short course CPD trainings for staff
  • Longer 2-3 hour CPD trainings for staff.

What funding can be used to help make yoga more affordable for educational settings?   

  • Sports Premium Funding:

Meeting several of the key indicators, you are able to use this funding for Mini Me Yoga training to upskill and develop knowledge and understanding of staff. Read more about how the sports premium funding can be used for Mini Me Yoga here.

  • Pupil Premium:

From the menu of approaches, it would cover the wider strategies, in particular, supporting pupils’ social, emotional and behavioural needs which can increases attendance.

Through our club options it meets the criteria of extracurricular activities and extended school time; breakfast clubs. If running breakfast or afterschool sessions this provides the opportunity to invite parents in to increase communication, engagement and support.

  • School Fundraising through the PTA: 

We have had many parents of schools want some form of yoga provision and so the Children’s School Council and PTA’s have worked together to fundraise to be able to offer trainings to staff or run a yoga club.

  • CPD & Training Budgets 
  • PE Budget 
  • Other short term funding options such as Covid Catch up or Sugar Tax funding depending on areas and allocations. 

If you are interested in more information on Yoga in Schools please contact us via email [email protected]