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Case Study | Curriculum PE

Take a look at our Curriculum PE and Maths on the Move Case Study for Riders Federation in Havant.

Initial Challenge

To provide an opportunity for dis-engaged children to access age appropriate skills that support, challenge and develop their competence in PE.


We met with their Head of Schools (Kati Dawkins) to discuss what their needs from a PE provider would look like. What is it they’d like to achieve from working with ActiveMe 360. Why us?

Our professionalism and experience is what drew Riders to us as an organisation, but it was our community values and being a social enterprise that set us apart from other providers. We actively reinvest in the communities we work in which aligned perfectly to Kati’s vision for Riders.


We now have PE lessons taking place 5 days a week where children are actively engaging with sports specific skills being taught through an age focused curriculum and development plan. The school now have a comprehensive planning & assessment teacher toolkit to complement the delivery. Since starting our Maths on the Move programme we have seen an average increase of 25.4% from pre-post lesson questions. Additionally, we’re also delivering 4 after-school clubs per week in which 46 different children attend!

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