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Case Study | Mini Me Yoga

Take a look at our Mini Me Yoga Foundation Training Case Study for Alver Valley Schools in Gosport (Nursery and Primary).

Initial Challenge

Having seen an increase in challenging behaviours and the need for more emotional based support needed, the school wanted to implement a different approach to support behavioural and emotional challenges within the setting that support both individual pupils and as a whole class/school approach.


A whole school training approach ensured teaching staff had the same level of yoga training and knowledge to support one another and implement across the whole school. It encouraged sustainability, long term behaviour management solutions and everyone being invested in the tools and techniques learnt.


The school saw immediate benefits with the approach to behaviour management, and went on to book our chair yoga course to further expand their knowledge, and learn different ways to integrate it within the school day and setting.

Watch the short video to hear how the training went, directly from Assistant Headteacher, Jacqui Hyde.

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