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My Journey as a Team Leader & Guest Experience Coordinator – Nick Menning


Hey there, I’m Nick, I’m a Team Leader and the Guest Experience Coordinator at ActiveMe 360. My time here has been a rollercoaster of growth, learning, and a whole lot of fun in shaping young minds through sports and education.  

Back in September 2019, I stepped into ActiveMe 360 as a PE & Sport Educator. My days consisted of school visits where I would teach a mix of PE, Maths on the Move and organised after school and breakfast clubs. Beyond schools, I delved into community projects like the Winchester Football Project and Friday Night Football, amplifying our impact far and wide. In half terms and holiday breaks, I used to take charge of leading groups at our Active Holidays camps. 

Fast forward to today—I’ve transitioned into a Team Leader and Guest Experience Coordinator role. Yes, I still teach at our partner schools, but now, I’ve added a new layer of responsibility. Guiding a team, supporting their growth, and nurturing their personal development within the company have become my priorities. As a Guest Experience Coordinator, my main job is to make sure our guests have a world class experience at our holiday camps. I focus on figuring out what barriers they might have and try to find new ways to overcome them. I am also now trusted to manage one our Active Holiday Hub camps in Alresford, where I support the delivery team and make sure the camp is running safely and successfully. 

Sports has been my go-to from very early on and despite a setback during my football days due to a knee injury, my love for sports continued and I turn that passion into a career. Being able to positively impact children’s lives through my work with ActiveMe 360 has given my journey a newfound purpose.  

What keeps me rooted here? It’s the people and the company culture. The team culture is infectious, and the positivity within the company is truly uplifting. There’s a clear path for personal and professional growth here, that align with my aspirations and keep me invested in the journey. 

My time at ActiveMe 360 isn’t just about climbing the professional ladder; it’s about living out my passion and being able to make a real difference. Through my various roles, I’ve been able to embody the values that this company stands for, hoping to inspire others and leaving a positive impact on both the children and my teams’ lives. 

If you are looking for a career at ActiveMe 360 – get in touch and send your CV, we’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our growing team. Click here to apply or find out more information.