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Eastleigh MP Paul Holmes shows support for ActiveMe 360’s Physically Active Learning Programme in Hampshire schools

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Conservative MP for Eastleigh, Paul Holmes, is supporting local social enterprise, ActiveMe 360, which offers Hampshire Schools a number of PE and School Sport programmes including physically active learning sessions. Physically Active Learning programmes are designed to help close the literacy and numeracy attainment gap that’s evident in the classroom, and boost confidence and attainment levels in curriculum Maths and English. This gap is most notable between higher and lower income households which is why Pupil Premium funding can be used to pay for the programme.

Paul Holmes MP visited Stoneham Park Primary School in Eastleigh on Friday 24th June to show his support for ActiveMe 360 and the schools across Hampshire who are integrating physically active learning (PAL) programmes into their school week.

The physically active learning programmes delivered by ActiveMe 360 are designed by teachers in line with the national curriculum:

  • 98.3% of children felt that English on the Move had helped them with Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SpaG).
  • Pre- and post-programme test scores showed that 95.6% of children had improved in SPaG after taking part in English on the Move.
  • 93% of the children demonstrated an improvement in maths performance.
  • 53.9% saw an average improvement when comparing pre- and post- programme assessment scores.
  • 80% of children also reported an increase in confidence relating to maths.

ActiveMe 360 is a social enterprise which works across the south, providing schools with the services and tools they need to improve the health and wellbeing of their students through physical activity, sport and education. As a social enterprise, ActiveMe 360 is dedicated to profits back into the local community to create positive social change.

Paul Holmes, Conservative MP for Eastleigh, said: ‘

It was great to visit Stoneham Park Primary School in Eastleigh last Friday 24th June. I was impressed to see this new school in action, and to get a run through of a physically active maths lesson, delivered by ActiveMe 360.

ActiveMe 360 is instrumental in changing the way Physical Education is taught in our schools. Their focus on integrating physically active learning lessons into the school week is having a great impact on encouraging more young people to become more physically active.

Chris Fraser-Wade, Director of Business Operations at ActiveMe 360, said: “We’re proud to deliver physically active learning programmes such as English and Maths on the Move to schools in Hampshire. Complementing traditional classroom-based learning, these intervention programmes offer an alternative way of working whilst also encouraging children to stay active, and help schools meet their 30/30 activity target. English or Maths on the Move can be used in primary or secondary schools as intervention programmes, curriculum enrichment sessions​, SATs boosters​ or school holiday activities, to name a few​.”

To support the high-quality PAL lessons, schools also receive half-termly reports on pupil progress and an end of year impact report; bespoke planning via an online portal; bespoke resource booklets that support and improve children’s attainment and confidence in Maths or English; tailored & personalised learning depending on academic levels; 36 weeks of objectives for each year group, Year’s 1 to 6.